Designing a room and getting a plan together to start a flooring project should be fun and easy. Here are some tools that we have put together for you to get your creative side in gear and explore your possibilities.

Here are some things to keep in mind...

  • You never want to match colors in a room you want to coordinate colors. If we match colors our eyes will just see one color in the room with no separation in color. We want our eyes to see everything in the room and by separating colors this gives our eyes the opportunity to enjoy everything in the room.
  • Start with the floor coverings first. Their are much less floor covering choices than their are paint colors, counter tops, furniture fabric, etc. I think you get the hint. Pick the flooring first then pull a color or colors from your flooring to choose for your paint, counter tops ,etc.
  • Do one room and flooring type at a time. Always start with the main area first then move on to the other areas. By getting the main area out of the way you now have color choices to pull from and can focus better on the other areas