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Restore water damage with Flooring N Beyond

When you’re dealing with water or fire damage to your floor let us the experts take care it. Flooring N Beyond can handle everything from helping you select your new floor with our in house interior designer to professional installation with a lifetime labor warranty. Flooring N Beyond can handle all the paper work with insurance company directly to serve you and help you with any questions and concerns you have with your insurance claim.

From coming out to look at your damage floor, selection of your new floor, professional installation, and handle all the insurance paperwork for your claim. You’re in good hands with the experts, Flooring N Beyond.

Why you should consider filing an insurance claim

Accidents happen. It is a fact of life. Even with the greatest professionals working on your home, there is a chance that something could go wrong while your home is being renovated. If something is broken, lost, stolen, or defective, you want to be covered. There is nothing worse than hoping that an improvement project will go well only to see your property destroyed. There are a number of things that you can protect your home from. Here are some examples:
Water Restoration in Miamisburg, OH area from Flooring N Beyond
  • Incorrect Installation: If your floors are installed incorrectly, damages are likely to occur. Something as simple as using the wrong tools to sand the floors or using the wrong subflooring can cause extensive damage in your home. If you are not insured, you could be stuck paying the entire bill. Whether you are using amateur methods or a professional installation team, you should consider filing a claim.
  • Property Damage: This could include accidents like drilling in the wrong spot on the wall or scraping the floors with furniture when moving things back into the room. To repair the damage, you’ll need to shell out extra money. Prevent this tragedy by getting insurance on the work that is being done to your home.
  • Faulty Products: If your hardwood is already warped after a few days of normal use, or you notice your carpet is unraveling after the first night, you’ll want to have insurance. This makes it easy to get the problems fixed without paying more than you have to. Oftentimes, with viable insurance, your floor can just be replaced as soon as possible without a big ticket price. It can also be combined with the manufacturer’s warrantee for extended coverage.

Being cautious can prevent a larger scale disaster in your home. Enjoy peace of mind and great customer service with Flooring N Beyond in Miamisburg. Call (937) 866-4755 to find out how you can speak with one of our experts and learn more about how insurance can benefit your home.